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    We use modular buildings to

    bring your vision to life

    Why we are
    right for you

    We’ll apply our expertise as craftsmen to bring your complex architectural visions to life.

    We listen to you attentively and translate your ideas into a functional manufacturable design. And because great designs take time and expertise, you can count on our patience, craftsmanship and courage to deliver the finest results.

    • Craftsman at heart
    • The finest quality through strong service management
    • Specialized in delivering complex designs
    • Experienced in steel production since 2008
    • Part of a wide network of partners across the EU

    We’ll adapt to
    your needs

    With functionality and attention to the detail as our compass, we will create a custom-crafted solution that fits your needs.

    Not only that, as craftsmen we feel a responsibility to deliver modular buildings that meet the highest industry standard.

    We specialize in successfully delivering complex projects with capacity up to 200 modules per month that present multiple challenges – from design, to materials, to production.

    We also excel at implementing projects that ask for strong project management.

    Your vision

    • 1

      Designing of modular constructions

    • 2

      Preparation of engineering and technical documents

    • 3

      Manufacturing at our facilities

    • 4

      Delivery & Assembly at your location

    Your building

    • 5

      Maintenance during the 2-year warranty period

    Our seal of craftsmanship


    We have successfully developed and delivered 10 pioneering R&D projects to the modular market. We created a fully TEK-17 compliant steel module and are first in LT to offer leased modules.


    We are compliant with ISO, OHSAS and EN standards, all follow LEAN practices that utilize the Swedish IRP performance system.

    Average number of Modules produced per year


    Each project presents a unique challenge, and we tailor original solutions for every single one.

    Our clients say

    “Reliable partner with great attitude!”

    Jesse Mattson, Konttivuokraus Oy, Finland.

    Fastest project delivery

    “Blink” Football stadium

    We created 55 modules in just 5 months.

    Average number of Projects completed per year


    Our experienced staff provides our clients with only the highest quality services. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations.

    Working across European markets

    We’ve been working internationally for over 10 years, with our services trusted in Scandinavia and across Europe. As a globally minded company, we take business ethics and sustainability seriously – our code of conduct is our badge of trust.